It takes a team of dedicated, serious, professional individuals to keep this boat afloat. Meet the makers of the madness, the ones that make it all come true, day after day, cake after cake, meal after meal.

Jenn Lewis leads the way with operations and staff.  It takes a psychotherapist to manage this menagerie, and luckily Jenn is just that.  As a licensed therapist with a lengthy list of management under her belt, a dedication to great food and small business, as well as a passion for all things frosting, Jenn heads our team and helps keep order, grace, and smiles on our staff and customers.

Kamber Sherrod takes our goodies and makes them into works of art. As our specialty and wedding cake consultant, she creates the cakes that memories are made of, and tops them off with her hand sculpted sugar-flowers.

Ilana Faber has the task of keeping front end operations sailing smoothly, and tastily.  She leads our front associate team and ensures that customers are kept happy, well fed, and coming back for more.  All with a smile, she will schedule, organize, and oversee circles around any other bakery-cafe in town.

Jason Toner is our head-barista and drink specialist.  From choosing organic blends, fairly traded beans and leaves, to training the front associate team, he keeps everyone highly caffeinated (or decaffeinated if you prefer). Rumor has it that Jason is coming up with some signature Sticky Finger’s latte art.  Can you guess what it will be?  Of course not, so stop on by!