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Holiday Cookie Tins Have Arrived

It’s the holiday season, so we’ve reached the magical time of the year filled with nostalgic sweets and treats. We have a wide range of holiday-themed packages available to be shipped or picked up, such as cake pops, peppermint brownies, decoration kits, and more! However, we want to appreciate the tradition of the annual holiday classic: the cookie tin

A staple for any holiday dinner, our Holiday Cookie tins come packed with all your favorite classics and are sure to be a hit at any holiday party. Our tins include an assortment of Cucidati, Amaretti, Ginger Snaps, and Chocolate Bark. But today, we’re taking a closer look at one of our favorite cookie tin offerings: the rainbow cookie

Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow cookies are having a moment. So much so that the New York Times Style Magazine interviewed our owner, Doron Petersan, about our vegan version. 

Rainbow cookies are also known as Italian flag cookies, Napoleon cookies, seven-layer cookies, tri-color cookies, or Venetian cookies. Heavenly moist layers of almond cake separated by fruit jam and covered in chocolate have caused these squares to sweep holiday seasons by storm year after year. Since their inception, bakers worldwide have created versions of the rainbow cookie, solidifying its place on the holiday dessert platter.

Italian-American immigrants of the 1900s created this cookie to honor the Italian flag. While the recipe rose to fame in the United States, bakers drew their inspiration from the Italian treat Pasticcini Arcobaleno, translated to little rainbow pastry. These treats were traditionally sold throughout Italy around Christmas each year. 

Even though Italian-American bakers adapted the recipe, the dessert quickly became popular throughout the American Jewish community. Ashkenazi Jews started to create their versions, and you can now find the famous rainbow cookies in Jewish bakeries across the country. Each year, a wave of nostalgia is brought back along with the cookies and their rich history. 

When speaking with the New York Times Style Magazine, our owner, Doron Petersan, said, “Everyone fought over the rainbow cookies because they’re the best ones.” That’s why in addition to our classic Holiday Cookie tin, we also have a rainbow cookie five-pack available to ship nationwide! You can finally forget your worries about running out of everyone's favorite treat and fill your Holiday Cookie tin with even more rainbow cookies for friends and family to enjoy.

Treat your holiday party guests to the historic rainbow cookie this holiday season. We will ship holiday orders until December 20th, so ensure you get your holiday orders in soon. 

Holiday tins and rainbow cookie five packs can be picked up in-store or ordered from our online shop, along with our other holiday treats and decoration kits. We’re here to help make your holiday season a little bit sweeter!