Cookie of the Month Subscription

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Order a Cookie of the Month subscription and receive a monthly shipment of our freshly baked, seasonal cookie flavors. Each shipment includes 3 classic and 3 sandwich cookies. Orders begin shipping the second full week of the month and arrive within 1-3 days. This is a recurring subscription. We'll charge your credit card on file each month until you cancel your subscription.

January- Snickerdoodle and Pecan Bourbon

February- Double Chocolate and Chocolate Covered Strawberry

March- Soft Sugar and Cowvin

April- Chocolate Chip and Pistachio Rose

May- Shortbread and Chocolate Raspberry

June- Lemon Coconut and N'oreo w/ Rainbow Sprinkles

July- Mesquite Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Mocha

August- S’mores and Neapolitan 

September- Pecan and Black Forest

October - Lazer Viking and Pumpkin Cream Cheese

November- Apple Butter Oat and German Chocolate

December- Ginger and Chocolate Peppermint


      Allergens: Contains wheat, soy, and peanuts.

      Please see our complete ingredients list for the nutritional contents of our products including any add-ons.