Q: What options do you offer for weddings?
For the simplest and most cost-effective option, consider ordering cupcakes and a separate cutting cake from our regular (non-wedding cake) menu. You could serve cupcakes to your guests and use a 6” cake as your cutting cake.

If you prefer a fancier cutting cake with design options, we offer Basic Sweetheart Cakes, starting at $60 for a 6” cake and $95 for a 9” cake. Click here for design selections and pricing for our Basic Sweetheart Cakes. We offer color variations for these designs at an additional fee.

We also offer custom-designed Sweetheart cakes and tiered cakes. See the Weddings page for tiered cake pricing information.

Q: When should I book my wedding order?
Peak wedding season is April through October, and our busiest months are May, August, September, and October. If your wedding date falls within the peak season, we suggest you book at least three to six months in advance of your date. You’re welcome to book your wedding cake up to a year in advance if you have secured your date and your venue. If you don’t have all your event details nailed down, you can still secure your wedding date with us. All we need is a completed contract and an estimated 50% deposit, based on your guest

Q: Can I order a tiered wedding cake?
Absolutely! We offer cakes with two, three, and four tiers. Tiered cakes start at $10 per serving for basic chocolate or vanilla cake and go up for other flavors. Designs are priced separately at a rate of $80 per hour based on complexity of design and materials required.

If you prefer a tiered cake and are expecting more than 100 guests, you can supplement your tiered cake with cupcakes or cakes from our regular menu to accommodate everyone.

Q: Do you offer delivery? If so, is there a delivery charge?
Yes! Delivery prices start at $20 for regular menu items and increase based on mileage, time of day, and date. We can give precise delivery quotes when you place your order.

Our courier is available for delivery only and does not offer set-up. If you’ve ordered cupcakes, you will need to arrange display set-up with a member of your party or your caterer.

An in-house delivery specialist is available to deliver all tiered cakes for a fee relative to your event location’s proximity to our shop:
 within 10 miles: $85
 within 15 miles: $105
 within 20 miles: $125
 within 21 - 40 miles: an additional $3 per mile

Deliveries for distances beyond 40 miles will be subject to a round-trip delivery fee based on total miles traveled.
Delivery for tiered cake orders includes set-up. Some cakes may require elaborate set-up, such as placing fresh flowers on the cake or adding extensive sugar work that can only be applied on site, and may be subject to an increased set-up/delivery charge.

Please be aware that if the delivery specialist must wait at the location—for the cake table to be set up or event decorations to arrive, for example—an additional $25 per 15-minute wait- time increment will be charged.
A 30% surcharge will be added to all weekday and holiday deliveries of tiered cakes.

Q: We need more than one cake for our wedding. Can you make the wedding cake and my friend or caterer will make the second cake?
Sorry, but no. It is against our policy to serve our cakes or cupcakes at a wedding where other cakes or cupcakes will be served. We’re very honored to have a highly regarded reputation for serving beautifully decorated and wonderfully moist, delicious cakes made from quality ingredients. We need to ensure that our creations aren’t mistaken for another’s and that someone else’s cake isn’t thought to come from our kitchen, particularly since we do not know the quality of any other cakes being served at the same event. We reserve the
right to refuse pick-up of your cake order or require return of your cake order to our bakery if we confirm with the event location that cakes other than ours will also be served at your wedding. You will not receive a refund for any portion of your order, including such additional charges as delivery, if you are found to be serving other cakes at your wedding.

Q: I have a special design in mind and a picture of how I want my wedding cake to look. Can you create the design I want?
See our menu (add link) for design selections available for the Basic Sweetheart 6” and 9” Cake options. We can accommodate requests for variations of these designs to match your wedding colors. We can also accommodate custom design requests for these cakes. Just ask!

Designs for tiered cake options can be tailored more specifically to your preferences and are limited only by your imagination! Kamber Sherrod will work with you to create a tiered cake that is unique to you and your wedding day. Kamber also offers hand-sculpted and hand-painted sugar flowers that can be customized just for you. You may submit photos of cakes that you like or anything else that inspires your cake vision. You are also welcome to
look through our online cake gallery for ideas. Please submit your completed cake questionnaire, along with any photos you have, at least 48 hours prior to your consultation.

Q: Do different cake flavors have different prices?
Yes. If you’re ordering a regular (non-wedding) cake and/or cupcakes, see our Cakes page for pricing, flavors, and more details. Basic Sweetheart Cake options start at $60 for a simple white fondant or buttercream and go
up depending on your size and design preferences.

Tiered cake pricing is as follows:
- Basic Chocolate and Vanilla: $10 per serving
- Fruity Flavors, Red Velvet, and Basic Wheat-Free: $12 per serving
- Premium Flavors*: $14+ per serving (*includes all nutty flavors, premium wheat-free flavors, and any cakes with ganache filling)

If you choose to have different flavors for different tiers, the total per-serving charge for the cake will be based on the most expensive tier. Custom designs are priced separately, starting at a rate of $80 per hour in addition to the price of the cake and may increase depending on complexity and materials required.

Q: Can I use fresh flowers on my cake? Who puts the flowers on my cake?
Yes! If you are getting fresh flowers for your cake, be sure to let your florist know they will be placed on a cake so they can be properly prepped. Due to risks of pesticides and other chemicals, make sure to work with your florist to choose a non-toxic and food-safe flowers. Use fresh flowers at your own risk.
Sugar flowers are a beautiful and safe alternative to fresh flowers. Our expert artist can create hand-sculpted, hand-painted sugar flowers just for you. There is a minimum order of $130 for all sugar flowers.

Q: What about my cake topper? Do I bring it to your bakery?
Due to our limited storage space, cake toppers should be taken directly to your venue. Please let us know if your cake topper is heavy and needs support. If you have any doubts about your topper’s suitability, be sure to make an appointment for us to check it out before your reception date. We are not responsible for toppers that have not been deemed suitable for placement on our cakes.

Q: What if I have more people coming to my wedding than expected and did not order enough cake?
Most couples get their final guest count three weeks prior to their wedding date. At that time, double-check the number of servings your contracted cake order provides. If you find that you’ll have more guests than your cake order can serve, you can order cupcakes or cake(s) from our regular (non-wedding) cake menu to ensure all of your guests will be served. Please be sure to order the extra cupcakes or cake(s) at least three weeks prior to your reception date.

Q: What are your deposits, payments, and cancellation policies?
We require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the order to secure your date with us. Deposits can be paid securely online. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 30 days in advance in order to receive a refund
(less a $50 non-refundable fee). Cancellations made less than 30 days in advance will not receive a refund of any portion of the deposit amount. The deposit is not transferable to other orders or other dates. Items may not be removed from the order within 30 days of the event date.

The balance is due three weeks prior to the event date. Orders placed less than two weeks in advance are subject to a 30% surcharge (15% for cupcakes).

Q: Do you offer consultations and tastings?
You can purchase cupcakes to pick up from our shop to sample our cake flavors at your convenience. You can choose any menu flavors (Boston Cream, Tiramisu and Cookie Dough flavors are not offered as wedding cake flavors so are not available for samples), and we will be happy to prepare them in advance with at least 48-hours’ notice. Samples are priced according to our current menu pricing.

If you are interested in a custom cake and prefer to have a one-on-one discussion of your design ideas with a specialist, you may book a consultation and tasting for a $50 fee, paid in full at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you place an order for a three-tiered cake with us, we will apply your tasting fee to that order. We offer up to four samples included with the $50 fee, and additional samples are priced according to our current menu pricing. You can choose any of the flavors listed on our Cakes page (Boston Cream,
Tiramisu and Cookie Dough flavors are not offered as wedding cake flavors so are not available for samples).

We want to give every client our full and undivided attention without rushing when picking out the perfect cake for your momentous occasion so we cannot guarantee appointments if the client is more than 20 minutes late. (These are considered missed appointments and are subject to a rebooking fee of $50.) We are happy to provide up to a total of 1.5 hours consultation time, which includes Zoom and e-mail discussion. Any additional time will be billed at $50 per hour, prorated in 15-minute increments.

Q: How can I schedule my consultation and tasting?
All of our meetings are by appointment only and are currently held virtually via Zoom. You must pick up samples from our shop at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled Zoom consultation to ensure you have enough time to taste the samples.

After you’ve checked our flavor and pricing information on our Cakes and Weddings pages, read through this FAQ in its entirety, and are ready to make an appointment for a consultation and tasting, please email Kamber Sherrod at with your preferred date(s) and time(s) for your appointment. We schedule consultations and tastings Monday through Friday between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please allow up to 1 hour for your appointment.

At least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, clients must fill out and submit our Cake Questionnaire (see below) via email, pay the $50 tasting fee.

Q: How can I place my order?
After reading the FAQ and looking over our menu selections, please download and fill out our Cake Questionnaire . It will give us some basic info about your event and give you the opportunity to tell us what kind of options you are looking for.

Please submit your completed questionnaire to